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Expirer.ExpireCallback     code | html
ThreadPool.ThreadPoolListener   Interface to allow applications to be notified when a threads are created and stopped.  code | html
ThreadPoolRunnable   Implemented if you want to run a piece of code inside a thread pool.  code | html


Expirer   Expire unused objects.  code | html
Reaper   The reaper is a background thread with which ticks every minute and calls registered objects to allow reaping of old session data.  code | html
ThreadPool   A thread pool that is trying to copy the apache process management.  code | html
ThreadPool.ControlRunnable   A Thread object that executes various actions ( ThreadPoolRunnable ) under control of ThreadPool  code | html
ThreadPool.MonitorRunnable   Periodically execute an action - cleanup in this case  code | html
ThreadPoolMX   Manageable thread pool.  code | html
ThreadWithAttributes   Special thread that allows storing of attributes and notes.  code | html