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abstract public class: ProjectComponent [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Base class for components of a project, including tasks and data types. Provides common facilities.
Field Summary
protected  Project project    Project object of this component.
    protected  Location location    Location within the build file of this task definition.
      protected  String description    Description of this component, if any.
         public ProjectComponent() 
        Method from org.apache.tools.ant.ProjectComponent Summary:
        clone,   getDescription,   getLocation,   getProject,   log,   log,   setDescription,   setLocation,   setProject
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        Method from org.apache.tools.ant.ProjectComponent Detail:
         public Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException 
         public String getDescription() 
          Returns the description of the current action.
         public Location getLocation() 
          Returns the file/location where this task was defined.
         public Project getProject() 
          Returns the project to which this component belongs.
         public  void log(String msg) 
          Logs a message with the default (INFO) priority.
         public  void log(String msg,
            int msgLevel) 
          Logs a message with the given priority.
         public  void setDescription(String desc) 
          Sets a description of the current action. This may be used for logging purposes.
         public  void setLocation(Location location) 
          Sets the file/location where this task was defined.
         public  void setProject(Project project) 
          Sets the project object of this component. This method is used by Project when a component is added to it so that the component has access to the functions of the project. It should not be used for any other purpose.