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public class: ValidationManager [javadoc | source]
ValidationManager is a coordinator property for validators in the pipeline. Each validator must know how to interact with this property. Validators are not required to know what kind of other validators present in the pipeline, but should understand that there are others and that some coordination is required.
Field Summary
protected final  Vector fVSs     
protected  boolean fGrammarFound     
protected  boolean fCachedDTD     
Method from org.apache.xerces.impl.validation.ValidationManager Summary:
addValidationState,   isCachedDTD,   isGrammarFound,   reset,   setCachedDTD,   setEntityState,   setGrammarFound
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Method from org.apache.xerces.impl.validation.ValidationManager Detail:
 public final  void addValidationState(ValidationState vs) 
    Each validator should call this method to add its ValidationState into the validation manager.
 public final boolean isCachedDTD() 
 public final boolean isGrammarFound() 
 public final  void reset() 
 public final  void setCachedDTD(boolean cachedDTD) 
 public final  void setEntityState(EntityState state) 
    Set the information required to validate entity values.
 public final  void setGrammarFound(boolean grammar)