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public class: SchemaParsingConfig [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    XMLPullParserConfiguration, XMLParserConfiguration, XMLComponentManager

Field Summary
protected static final  String XML11_DATATYPE_VALIDATOR_FACTORY     
protected static final  String WARN_ON_DUPLICATE_ATTDEF    Feature identifier: warn on duplicate attribute definition. 
protected static final  String WARN_ON_UNDECLARED_ELEMDEF    Feature identifier: warn on undeclared element definition. 
protected static final  String ALLOW_JAVA_ENCODINGS    Feature identifier: allow Java encodings. 
protected static final  String CONTINUE_AFTER_FATAL_ERROR    Feature identifier: continue after fatal error. 
protected static final  String LOAD_EXTERNAL_DTD    Feature identifier: load external DTD. 
protected static final  String NOTIFY_BUILTIN_REFS    Feature identifier: notify built-in refereces. 
protected static final  String NOTIFY_CHAR_REFS    Feature identifier: notify character refereces. 
protected static final  String NORMALIZE_DATA    Feature identifier: expose schema normalized value 
protected static final  String SCHEMA_ELEMENT_DEFAULT    Feature identifier: send element default value via characters() 
protected static final  String GENERATE_SYNTHETIC_ANNOTATIONS    Feature identifier: generate synthetic annotations. 
protected static final  String ERROR_REPORTER    Property identifier: error reporter. 
protected static final  String ENTITY_MANAGER    Property identifier: entity manager. 
protected static final  String DOCUMENT_SCANNER    Property identifier document scanner: 
protected static final  String DTD_SCANNER    Property identifier: DTD scanner. 
protected static final  String XMLGRAMMAR_POOL    Property identifier: grammar pool. 
protected static final  String DTD_VALIDATOR    Property identifier: DTD validator. 
protected static final  String NAMESPACE_BINDER    Property identifier: namespace binder. 
protected static final  String DATATYPE_VALIDATOR_FACTORY    Property identifier: datatype validator factory. 
protected static final  String VALIDATION_MANAGER     
protected static final  String SCHEMA_VALIDATOR    Property identifier: XML Schema validator. 
protected final  DTDDVFactory fDatatypeValidatorFactory    The XML 1.0 Datatype validator factory. 
protected final  XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl fNamespaceScanner    The XML 1.0 Document scanner. 
protected final  XMLDTDScannerImpl fDTDScanner    The XML 1.0 DTD scanner. 
protected  DTDDVFactory fXML11DatatypeFactory    The XML 1.1 Datatype validator factory. 
protected  XML11NSDocumentScannerImpl fXML11NSDocScanner    The XML 1.1 Document scanner. 
protected  XML11DTDScannerImpl fXML11DTDScanner    The XML 1.1 DTD scanner. 
protected  DTDDVFactory fCurrentDVFactory    Current Datatype validator factory. 
protected  XMLDocumentScanner fCurrentScanner    Current scanner 
protected  XMLDTDScanner fCurrentDTDScanner    Current DTD scanner. 
protected  XMLGrammarPool fGrammarPool    Grammar pool. 
protected final  XMLVersionDetector fVersionDetector    XML version detector. 
protected final  XMLErrorReporter fErrorReporter    Error reporter. 
protected final  XMLEntityManager fEntityManager    Entity manager. 
protected  XMLInputSource fInputSource    Input Source 
protected  SchemaDOMParser fSchemaDOMParser     
protected final  ValidationManager fValidationManager     
protected  XMLLocator fLocator    Locator 
protected  boolean fParseInProgress    True if a parse is in progress. This state is needed because some features/properties cannot be set while parsing (e.g. validation and namespaces). 
protected  boolean fConfigUpdated    fConfigUpdated is set to true if there has been any change to the configuration settings, i.e a feature or a property was changed. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.xerces.parsers.BasicParserConfiguration:
Fields inherited from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings:
PARSER_SETTINGS,  fRecognizedProperties,  fProperties,  fRecognizedFeatures,  fFeatures,  fParentSettings
 public SchemaParsingConfig() 
 public SchemaParsingConfig(SymbolTable symbolTable) 
    Constructs a parser configuration using the specified symbol table.
    symbolTable - The symbol table to use.
 public SchemaParsingConfig(SymbolTable symbolTable,
    XMLGrammarPool grammarPool) 
    Constructs a parser configuration using the specified symbol table and grammar pool.

    REVISIT: Grammar pool will be updated when the new validation engine is implemented.

    symbolTable - The symbol table to use.
    grammarPool - The grammar pool to use.
 public SchemaParsingConfig(SymbolTable symbolTable,
    XMLGrammarPool grammarPool,
    XMLComponentManager parentSettings) 
    Constructs a parser configuration using the specified symbol table, grammar pool, and parent settings.

    REVISIT: Grammar pool will be updated when the new validation engine is implemented.

    symbolTable - The symbol table to use.
    grammarPool - The grammar pool to use.
    parentSettings - The parent settings.
Method from org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.opti.SchemaParsingConfig Summary:
checkFeature,   checkProperty,   cleanup,   configurePipeline,   configureXML11Pipeline,   getDocument,   getFeature,   parse,   parse,   reset,   resetNodePool,   resetXML10,   resetXML11,   setFeature,   setInputSource,   setLocale,   setProperty
Methods from org.apache.xerces.parsers.BasicParserConfiguration:
addComponent,   checkFeature,   checkProperty,   getDTDContentModelHandler,   getDTDHandler,   getDocumentHandler,   getEntityResolver,   getErrorHandler,   getLocale,   parse,   reset,   setDTDContentModelHandler,   setDTDHandler,   setDocumentHandler,   setEntityResolver,   setErrorHandler,   setFeature,   setLocale,   setProperty
Methods from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings:
addRecognizedFeatures,   addRecognizedProperties,   checkFeature,   checkProperty,   getFeature,   getProperty,   setFeature,   setProperty
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.opti.SchemaParsingConfig Detail:
 protected  void checkFeature(String featureId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a feature. If feature is know and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 protected  void checkProperty(String propertyId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a property. If the property is know and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 public  void cleanup() 
    If the application decides to terminate parsing before the xml document is fully parsed, the application should call this method to free any resource allocated during parsing. For example, close all opened streams.
 protected  void configurePipeline() 
    Configures the XML 1.0 pipeline.
 protected  void configureXML11Pipeline() 
    Configures the XML 1.1 pipeline.
 public Document getDocument() 
    Returns the Document object.
 public boolean getFeature(String featureId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Returns the state of a feature.
 public boolean parse(boolean complete) throws IOException, XNIException 
    Parses the document in a pull parsing fashion.
 public  void parse(XMLInputSource source) throws IOException, XNIException 
    Parses the specified input source.
 public  void reset() throws XNIException 
    Reset all components before parsing.
 public  void resetNodePool() 
 protected final  void resetXML10() throws XNIException 
    Reset all XML 1.0 components before parsing
 protected final  void resetXML11() throws XNIException 
    Reset all XML 1.1 components before parsing
 public  void setFeature(String featureId,
    boolean state) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Set the state of a feature. Set the state of any feature in a SAX2 parser. The parser might not recognize the feature, and if it does recognize it, it might not be able to fulfill the request.
 public  void setInputSource(XMLInputSource inputSource) throws IOException, XMLConfigurationException 
    Sets the input source for the document to parse.
 public  void setLocale(Locale locale) throws XNIException 
    Set the locale to use for messages.
 public  void setProperty(String propertyId,
    Object value) throws XMLConfigurationException