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abstract public class: BasicParserConfiguration [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    XMLParserConfiguration, XMLComponentManager

Direct Known Subclasses:
    StandardParserConfiguration, NonValidatingParserConfiguration, DTDConfiguration, IntegratedParserConfiguration, SchemaParsingConfig, NonValidatingConfiguration

A very basic parser configuration. This configuration class can be used as a base class for custom parser configurations. The basic parser configuration creates the symbol table (if not specified at construction time) and manages all of the recognized features and properties.

The basic parser configuration does not mandate any particular pipeline configuration or the use of specific components except for the symbol table. If even this is too much for a basic parser configuration, the programmer can create a new configuration class that implements the XMLParserConfiguration interface.

Subclasses of the basic parser configuration can add their own recognized features and properties by calling the addRecognizedFeature and addRecognizedProperty methods, respectively.

The basic parser configuration assumes that the configuration will be made up of various parser components that implement the XMLComponent interface. If subclasses of this configuration create their own components for use in the parser configuration, then each component should be added to the list of components by calling the addComponent method. The basic parser configuration will make sure to call the reset method of each registered component before parsing an instance document.

This class recognizes the following features and properties:

Field Summary
protected static final  String VALIDATION    Feature identifier: validation. 
protected static final  String NAMESPACES    Feature identifier: namespaces. 
protected static final  String EXTERNAL_GENERAL_ENTITIES    Feature identifier: external general entities. 
protected static final  String EXTERNAL_PARAMETER_ENTITIES    Feature identifier: external parameter entities. 
protected static final  String XML_STRING    Property identifier: xml string. 
protected static final  String SYMBOL_TABLE    Property identifier: symbol table. 
protected static final  String ERROR_HANDLER    Property identifier: error handler. 
protected static final  String ENTITY_RESOLVER    Property identifier: entity resolver. 
protected  SymbolTable fSymbolTable    Symbol table. 
protected  Locale fLocale    Locale. 
protected  ArrayList fComponents    Components. 
protected  XMLDocumentHandler fDocumentHandler    The document handler. 
protected  XMLDTDHandler fDTDHandler    The DTD handler. 
protected  XMLDTDContentModelHandler fDTDContentModelHandler    The DTD content model handler. 
protected  XMLDocumentSource fLastComponent    Last component in the document pipeline 
Fields inherited from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings:
PARSER_SETTINGS,  fRecognizedProperties,  fProperties,  fRecognizedFeatures,  fFeatures,  fParentSettings
 protected BasicParserConfiguration() 
 protected BasicParserConfiguration(SymbolTable symbolTable) 
    Constructs a parser configuration using the specified symbol table.
    symbolTable - The symbol table to use.
 protected BasicParserConfiguration(SymbolTable symbolTable,
    XMLComponentManager parentSettings) 
    Constructs a parser configuration using the specified symbol table and parent settings.
    symbolTable - The symbol table to use.
    parentSettings - The parent settings.
Method from org.apache.xerces.parsers.BasicParserConfiguration Summary:
addComponent,   checkFeature,   checkProperty,   getDTDContentModelHandler,   getDTDHandler,   getDocumentHandler,   getEntityResolver,   getErrorHandler,   getLocale,   parse,   reset,   setDTDContentModelHandler,   setDTDHandler,   setDocumentHandler,   setEntityResolver,   setErrorHandler,   setFeature,   setLocale,   setProperty
Methods from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings:
addRecognizedFeatures,   addRecognizedProperties,   checkFeature,   checkProperty,   getFeature,   getProperty,   setFeature,   setProperty
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.xerces.parsers.BasicParserConfiguration Detail:
 protected  void addComponent(XMLComponent component) 
    Adds a component to the parser configuration. This method will also add all of the component's recognized features and properties to the list of default recognized features and properties.
 protected  void checkFeature(String featureId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a feature. If feature is know and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 protected  void checkProperty(String propertyId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a property. If the property is known and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 public XMLDTDContentModelHandler getDTDContentModelHandler() 
    Returns the registered DTD content model handler.
 public XMLDTDHandler getDTDHandler() 
    Returns the registered DTD handler.
 public XMLDocumentHandler getDocumentHandler() 
    Returns the registered document handler.
 public XMLEntityResolver getEntityResolver() 
    Return the current entity resolver.
 public XMLErrorHandler getErrorHandler() 
    Return the current error handler.
 public Locale getLocale() 
    Returns the locale.
 abstract public  void parse(XMLInputSource inputSource) throws IOException, XNIException
    Parse an XML document.

    The parser can use this method to instruct this configuration to begin parsing an XML document from any valid input source (a character stream, a byte stream, or a URI).

    Parsers may not invoke this method while a parse is in progress. Once a parse is complete, the parser may then parse another XML document.

    This method is synchronous: it will not return until parsing has ended. If a client application wants to terminate parsing early, it should throw an exception.

 protected  void reset() throws XNIException 
    reset all components before parsing and namespace context
 public  void setDTDContentModelHandler(XMLDTDContentModelHandler handler) 
    Sets the DTD content model handler.
 public  void setDTDHandler(XMLDTDHandler dtdHandler) 
    Sets the DTD handler.
 public  void setDocumentHandler(XMLDocumentHandler documentHandler) 
    Sets the document handler on the last component in the pipeline to receive information about the document.
 public  void setEntityResolver(XMLEntityResolver resolver) 
    Sets the resolver used to resolve external entities. The EntityResolver interface supports resolution of public and system identifiers.
 public  void setErrorHandler(XMLErrorHandler errorHandler) 
    Allow an application to register an error event handler.

    If the application does not register an error handler, all error events reported by the SAX parser will be silently ignored; however, normal processing may not continue. It is highly recommended that all SAX applications implement an error handler to avoid unexpected bugs.

    Applications may register a new or different handler in the middle of a parse, and the SAX parser must begin using the new handler immediately.

 public  void setFeature(String featureId,
    boolean state) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Set the state of a feature. Set the state of any feature in a SAX2 parser. The parser might not recognize the feature, and if it does recognize it, it might not be able to fulfill the request.
 public  void setLocale(Locale locale) throws XNIException 
    Set the locale to use for messages.
 public  void setProperty(String propertyId,
    Object value) throws XMLConfigurationException