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Package org.apache.xerces.parsers

Class Summary
AbstractDOMParser This is the base class of all DOM parsers.
AbstractSAXParser This is the base class of all SAX parsers.
AbstractXMLDocumentParser This is the base class for all XML document parsers.
BasicParserConfiguration A very basic parser configuration.
CachingParserPool A parser pool that enables caching of grammars.
CachingParserPool.ShadowedGrammarPool Shadowed grammar pool.
CachingParserPool.SynchronizedGrammarPool Synchronized grammar pool.
DOMASBuilderImpl Deprecated.  
DOMParser This is the main Xerces DOM parser class.
DOMParserImpl This is Xerces DOM Builder class.
DTDConfiguration This is the DTD-only parser configuration.
IntegratedParserConfiguration This is configuration uses a scanner that integrates both scanning of the document and binding namespaces.
NonValidatingConfiguration This is the non validating parser configuration.
ObjectFactory This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.
RevalidatingDOMParser This class is a validating DOM parser which can also "revalidate" a DOM subtree after the document has been parsed.
SAXParser This is the main Xerces SAX parser class.
SecurityConfiguration This configuration allows Xerces to behave in a security-conscious manner; that is, it permits applications to instruct Xerces to limit certain operations that could be exploited by malicious document authors to cause a denail-of-service attack when the document is parsed.
SecuritySupport This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.
SecuritySupport12 This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.
StandardParserConfiguration This is the "standard" parser configuration.
XIncludeParserConfiguration This parser configuration includes an XIncludeHandler in the pipeline before the schema validator, or as the last component in the pipeline if there is no schema validator.
XML11Configuration This class is the configuration used to parse XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 documents.
XMLDocumentParser This is a concrete vanilla XML parser class.
XMLGrammarCachingConfiguration This configuration provides a generic way of using Xerces's grammar caching facilities.
XMLGrammarPreparser This class provides an easy way for a user to preparse grammars of various types.
XMLParser Base class of all XML-related parsers.

Error Summary
ObjectFactory.ConfigurationError A configuration error.