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Package org.apache.xerces.readers

Interface Summary
XMLEntityHandler This is the interface used for entity management.
XMLEntityHandler.CharBuffer This interface is used to store and retrieve character sequences.
XMLEntityHandler.CharDataHandler Interface for passing character data.
XMLEntityHandler.DTDHandler DTD specific entity handler
XMLEntityHandler.EntityReader This is the interface for scanners to process input data from entities without needing to know the details of the underlying storage of those entities, or their encodings.
XMLEntityReaderFactory This is the factory interface used to create readers.

Class Summary
AbstractCharReader An abstract class for readers that process input data as characters.
CharReader General purpose character stream reader.
DefaultEntityHandler Default entity handler implementation.
MIME2Java MIME2Java is a convenience class which handles conversions between MIME charset names and Java encoding names.
StreamingCharReader An reader class for applications that need to process input data as it arrives on the stream.
StringReader Reader for processing internal entity replacement text.
UCSReader Reader for UCS-2 and UCS-4 encodings.
UTF8CharReader Simple character-based version of a UTF8 reader.
UTF8Reader This is the primary reader used for UTF-8 encoded byte streams.
XCatalog This catalog supports the XCatalog proposal draft 0.2 posted to the xml-dev mailing list by John Cowan.
XMLCatalogHandler Interface for implementing basic catalog support in the parser.
XMLDeclRecognizer Abstract base class for encoding recognizers.
XMLEntityReader This is the class used by the scanner to process the XML data.