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Package org.apache.xerces.tree

Interface Summary
AttributeListEx This interface extends the SAX AttributeList interface to expose information needed to support DOM Level 1 features used in document editing, and detection of ID attributes which are declared for an element.
DocumentEx This interface extends the DOM Document model in several useful ways.
DtdEventListener When parsing XML documents, DTD related events are signaled through this interface.
ElementEx This extends the DOM Element interface with features including XML namespace support.
ElementFactory This interface defines a factory which can be used by documents to provide namespace-aware element creation.
NamespaceScoped This interface is supported by elements and attributes whose names are scoped according to the XML Namespaces specification.
NodeEx This interface defines accessors to inherited attributes of nodes, and provides support for using XML Namespaces.
ParseContext This interface is used during parsing of XML content to encapsulate information about the location of the parsing event being reported.
XmlReadable This interface is supported by XML documents and elements which wish to interact with DOM construction during parsing of XML documents.
XmlWritable Objects that can write themselves as XML text do so using this interface.

Class Summary
AttributeNode Node representing an XML attribute.
AttributeSet Class representing an XML attribute list.
CDataNode Node representing XML CDATA text, which is just like other text except for its delimiters (<[CDATA[text]]>).
CommentNode Class representing an XML Comment.
DataNode Node representing XML character data, such as text (including CDATA sections and comments).
Doctype Class representing a DTD in DOM Level 1; this class exists purely for editor support, and is of dubious interest otherwise.
ElementNode This class represents XML elements in a parse tree, and is often subclassed to add custom behaviors.
MessageCatalog This class provides support for multi-language string lookup, as needed to localize messages from applications supporting multiple languages at the same time.
NamespacedNode This adds the notion of namespaces to the ParentNode class for certain types of nodes such as DOM Element and Attr nodes.
NodeBase Base class for DOM parse tree nodes which may appear in XmlDocument nodes.
ParentNode This adds an implementation of "parent of" relationships to the NodeBase class.
PINode Node representing an XML processing instruction.
Resolver This entity resolver class provides a number of utilities which can help managment of external parsed entities in XML.
SimpleElementFactory This is a convenience class for creating application-specific elements associated with specified (or default) XML namespaces.
TextNode Node representing XML text.
TreeWalker This class implements a preorder depth first walk over the tree rooted at a given DOM node.
XmlChars Methods in this class are used to determine whether characters may appear in certain roles in XML documents.
XmlDocument This class implements the DOM Document interface, and also provides static factory methods to create document instances.
XmlDocumentBuilder This class is a SAX DocumentHandler which converts a stream of parse events into an in-memory DOM document.
XmlNames This class contains static methods used to determine whether identifiers may appear in certain roles in XML documents.
XmlReader This handles several XML-related tasks that normal Readers don't support, inluding use of IETF standard encoding names and automatic detection of most XML encodings.
XmlWriteContext This captures context used when writing XML text, such as state used to "pretty print" output or to identify entities which are defined.

Exception Summary
DomEx Concrete class for DOM exceptions, associating standard messages with DOM error codes.