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public class: ParserConfigurationSettings [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    XPointerParserConfiguration, SoftReferenceSymbolTableConfiguration, StandardParserConfiguration, PSVIConfiguration, XIncludeAwareParserConfiguration, NonValidatingParserConfiguration, DTDConfiguration, DOMConfigurationImpl, XML11Configuration, XML11DTDConfiguration, XMLSchemaValidatorComponentManager, IntegratedParserConfiguration, XMLGrammarCachingConfiguration, SchemaParsingConfig, BasicParserConfiguration, XML11NonValidatingConfiguration, SecurityConfiguration, NonValidatingConfiguration, XIncludeParserConfiguration

This class implements the basic operations for managing parser configuration features and properties. This utility class can be used as a base class for parser configurations or separately to encapsulate a number of parser settings as a component manager.

This class can be constructed with a "parent" settings object (in the form of an XMLComponentManager) that allows parser configuration settings to be "chained" together.

Field Summary
protected static final  String PARSER_SETTINGS     
protected  ArrayList fRecognizedProperties    Recognized properties. 
protected  HashMap fProperties    Properties. 
protected  ArrayList fRecognizedFeatures    Recognized features. 
protected  HashMap fFeatures    Features. 
protected  XMLComponentManager fParentSettings    Parent parser configuration settings. 
 public ParserConfigurationSettings() 
 public ParserConfigurationSettings(XMLComponentManager parent) 
    Constructs a parser configuration settings object with a parent settings object.
Method from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings Summary:
addRecognizedFeatures,   addRecognizedProperties,   checkFeature,   checkProperty,   getFeature,   getProperty,   setFeature,   setProperty
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Method from org.apache.xerces.util.ParserConfigurationSettings Detail:
 public  void addRecognizedFeatures(String[] featureIds) 
    Allows a parser to add parser specific features to be recognized and managed by the parser configuration.
 public  void addRecognizedProperties(String[] propertyIds) 
    Allows a parser to add parser specific properties to be recognized and managed by the parser configuration.
 protected  void checkFeature(String featureId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a feature. If feature is known and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 protected  void checkProperty(String propertyId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Check a property. If the property is known and supported, this method simply returns. Otherwise, the appropriate exception is thrown.
 public boolean getFeature(String featureId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Returns the state of a feature.
 public Object getProperty(String propertyId) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Returns the value of a property.
 public  void setFeature(String featureId,
    boolean state) throws XMLConfigurationException 
    Set the state of a feature. Set the state of any feature in a SAX2 parser. The parser might not recognize the feature, and if it does recognize it, it might not be able to fulfill the request.
 public  void setProperty(String propertyId,
    Object value) throws XMLConfigurationException