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public interface: XMLGrammarPool [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ReadOnlyGrammarPool, EmptyXMLSchema, SimpleXMLSchema, XSGrammarMerger, SynchronizedGrammarPool, XSAnnotationGrammarPool, XMLGrammarPoolImpl, ShadowedGrammarPool, XMLGrammarPoolImplExtension, XMLGrammarPoolWrapper, XSGrammarPool, SoftReferenceGrammarPool

This interface specifies how the parser and the application interact with respect to Grammar objects that the application possesses--either by having precompiled them or by having stored them from a previous validation of an instance document. It makes no assumptions about the kind of Grammar involved, or about how the application's storage mechanism works.

The interaction works as follows:

Method from org.apache.xerces.xni.grammars.XMLGrammarPool Summary:
cacheGrammars,   clear,   lockPool,   retrieveGrammar,   retrieveInitialGrammarSet,   unlockPool
Method from org.apache.xerces.xni.grammars.XMLGrammarPool Detail:
 public  void cacheGrammars(String grammarType,
    Grammar[] grammars)

    return the final set of grammars that the validator ended up with. This method is called after the validation finishes. The application may then choose to cache some of the returned grammars.

 public  void clear()
    Removes all grammars from the pool.
 public  void lockPool()
    Causes the XMLGrammarPool not to store any grammars when the cacheGrammars(String, Grammar[[]) method is called.
 public Grammar retrieveGrammar(XMLGrammarDescription desc)

    This method requests that the application retrieve a grammar corresponding to the given GrammarIdentifier from its cache. If it cannot do so it must return null; the parser will then call the EntityResolver. An application must not call its EntityResolver itself from this method; this may result in infinite recursions.

 public Grammar[] retrieveInitialGrammarSet(String grammarType)

    retrieve the initial known set of grammars. this method is called by a validator before the validation starts. the application can provide an initial set of grammars available to the current validation attempt.

 public  void unlockPool()
    Allows the XMLGrammarPool to store grammars when its cacheGrammars(String, Grammar[]) method is called. This is the default state of the object.