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abstract class: Decorator [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    HssfTotalWrapper, HtmlTotalWrapper, TableDecoratorDate, TableDecoratorCssRow, Wrapper, TotalTableDecorator, TableDecoratorOne, MultilevelTotalTableDecorator, TableDecorator, ItextTotalWrapper, ListIndexTableDecorator, TotalWrapperTemplate, TableDecoratorTwo

This class provides some basic functionality for all objects which serve as decorators for the objects in the List being displayed.

Decorator should never be subclassed directly. Use TableDecorator instead

Field Summary
protected  TableModel tableModel    The table model.
    since: 1.1 -
Method from org.displaytag.decorator.Decorator Summary:
finish,   getDecoratedObject,   getPageContext,   hasGetterFor,   init,   init,   searchGetterFor
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Method from org.displaytag.decorator.Decorator Detail:
 public  void finish() 
    Called at the end of evaluation to clean up instance variable. A subclass of Decorator can override this method but should always call super.finish() before return
 public Object getDecoratedObject() 
    returns the decorated object.
 public PageContext getPageContext() 
    returns the page context.
 public boolean hasGetterFor(String propertyName) 
    Check if a getter exists for a given property. Uses cached info if property has already been requested. This method only check for a simple property, if pPropertyName contains multiple tokens only the first part is evaluated
 public  void init(PageContext pageContext,
    Object decorated) 
Deprecated! use - #init(PageContext, Object, TableModel)

    Initialize the TableTecorator instance.
 public  void init(PageContext pageContext,
    Object decorated,
    TableModel tableModel) 
    Initialize the TableTecorator instance.
 public boolean searchGetterFor(String propertyName) 
    Looks for a getter for the given property using introspection.