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public interface: DisplaytagColumnDecorator [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    PrefixColumnDecorator, DeprecatedDecoratorWrapper, LongDateWrapper, PageContextPrefixColumnDecorator, EscapeXmlColumnDecorator, MessageFormatColumnDecorator, AutolinkColumnDecorator, DateColumnDecorator

Interface for simple column decorators.

A column decorator is called after the object has been retrieved and it can "transform" the object before the rendering.

The DisplaytagColumnDecorator interface has been introduced in displaytag 1.1 and replaces the previous ColumnDecorator interface, adding the pageContext and media parameters, and changing the return type to object to allow decorator chaining.

Method from org.displaytag.decorator.DisplaytagColumnDecorator Summary:
Method from org.displaytag.decorator.DisplaytagColumnDecorator Detail:
 public Object decorate(Object columnValue,
    PageContext pageContext,
    MediaTypeEnum media) throws DecoratorException
    Called after the object has been retrieved from the bean contained in the list. The decorate method is responsible for transforming the object into a string to render in the page.