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public class: TotalTableDecorator [javadoc | source]
A table decorator which adds rows with totals (for column with the "total" attribute set) and subtotals (grouping by the column with a group="1" attribute).
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createTotalRow,   finishRow,   init,   setSubtotalLabel,   setTotalLabel,   startRow
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addRowClass,   addRowId,   displayGroupedValue,   endOfGroup,   evaluate,   finish,   finishRow,   getCurrentRowObject,   getListIndex,   getViewIndex,   initRow,   isLastRow,   startOfGroup,   startRow
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finish,   getDecoratedObject,   getPageContext,   hasGetterFor,   init,   init,   searchGetterFor
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Method from org.displaytag.decorator.TotalTableDecorator Detail:
 protected String createTotalRow(boolean grandTotal) 
 public final String finishRow() 
    After every row completes we evaluate to see if we should be drawing a new total line and summing the results from the previous group.
 public  void init(PageContext context,
    Object decorated,
    TableModel tableModel) 
 public  void setSubtotalLabel(String subtotalLabel) 
    Setter for subtotalLabel.
 public  void setTotalLabel(String totalLabel) 
    Setter for totalLabel.
 public String startRow()