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org.displaytag.exception: Javadoc index of package org.displaytag.exception.

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MissingAttributeException: Exception thrown when a required attribute is not set. This is thrown when the user is required to set at least one of multiple attributes and the check can't be enforced by the tld.
DecoratorException: Exception thrown by column decorators. If a decorator need to throw a checked exception this should be nested in a DecoratorException.
FactoryInstantiationException: Exception thrown when displaytag is unable to instantiate a class specified by the user in the properties file.
BaseNestableRuntimeException: Base runtime exception: extendes RuntimeException providing logging and exception nesting functionalities.
BaseNestableJspTagException: Base exception: extendes JspTagException providing logging and exception nesting functionalities.
TablePropertiesLoadException: Runtime exception thrown for problems in loading the (standard or user defined) property file.
RuntimeLookupException: runtime exception thrown during sorting when a checked exception can't be used.
ExportException: Exception thrown when displaytag is unable to reset the response during export.
DecoratorInstantiationException: Exception thrown when DecoratorFactory is unable to load a Decorator.
TagStructureException: Exception thrown when a Tag is not properly nested into another one.
InvalidTagAttributeValueException: Exception thrown when an invalid value is given for a tag attribute.
ObjectLookupException: Exception thrown for errors in accessing bean properties.
WrappedRuntimeException: Basic wrapper for checked exceptions.
SeverityEnum: Enumeration for logging severities.

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