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abstract public class: BaseExportView [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ExcelView, XmlView, CsvView

Base abstract class for simple export views.

A class that extends BaseExportView simply need to provide delimiters for rows and columns.

Method from org.displaytag.export.BaseExportView Summary:
doExport,   doHeaders,   escapeColumnValue,   getAlwaysAppendCellEnd,   getAlwaysAppendRowEnd,   getCellEnd,   getCellStart,   getDocumentEnd,   getDocumentStart,   getRowEnd,   getRowStart,   outputPage,   setParameters
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Method from org.displaytag.export.BaseExportView Detail:
 public  void doExport(Writer out) throws IOException, JspException 
 protected String doHeaders() 
    Write table header.
 abstract protected String escapeColumnValue(Object value)
    can be implemented to escape values for different output.
 abstract protected boolean getAlwaysAppendCellEnd()
    always append cell end string?
 abstract protected boolean getAlwaysAppendRowEnd()
    always append row end string?
 abstract protected String getCellEnd()
    String to add after a cell.
 protected String getCellStart() 
    String to add before a cell.
 protected String getDocumentEnd() 
    String to add to the end of document.
 protected String getDocumentStart() 
    String to add to the top of document.
 protected String getRowEnd() 
    String to add after a row.
 protected String getRowStart() 
    String to add before a row.
 public boolean outputPage() 
 public  void setParameters(TableModel tableModel,
    boolean exportFullList,
    boolean includeHeader,
    boolean decorateValues)