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abstract public class: DefaultItextExportView [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    DefaultPdfExportView, DefaultRtfExportView

Exporter using iText: subclasses export to any of the iText document types, such as PDF and RTF.
Nested Class Summary:
static class  DefaultItextExportView.ItextGenerationException  Wraps iText-generated exceptions. 
Method from org.displaytag.export.DefaultItextExportView Summary:
doExport,   getMimeType,   initItextWriter,   setParameters
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Method from org.displaytag.export.DefaultItextExportView Detail:
 public  void doExport(OutputStream out) throws JspException 
 public String getMimeType() 
 abstract protected  void initItextWriter(Document document,
    OutputStream out) throws DocumentException
    Initializes the iText writer used by export view to write iText document, such as PDF or RTF iText writer.
 public  void setParameters(TableModel tableModel,
    boolean exportFullList,
    boolean includeHeader,
    boolean decorateValues)