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public class: ExcelView [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Export view for excel exporting.
Method from org.displaytag.export.ExcelView Summary:
escapeColumnValue,   getAlwaysAppendCellEnd,   getAlwaysAppendRowEnd,   getCellEnd,   getMimeType,   getRowEnd,   setParameters
Methods from org.displaytag.export.BaseExportView:
doExport,   doHeaders,   escapeColumnValue,   getAlwaysAppendCellEnd,   getAlwaysAppendRowEnd,   getCellEnd,   getCellStart,   getDocumentEnd,   getDocumentStart,   getRowEnd,   getRowStart,   outputPage,   setParameters
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Method from org.displaytag.export.ExcelView Detail:
 protected String escapeColumnValue(Object value) 
    Escaping for excel format.
    • Quotes inside quoted strings are escaped with a double quote
    • Fields are surrounded by " (should be optional, but sometimes you get a "Sylk error" without those)
 protected boolean getAlwaysAppendCellEnd() 
 protected boolean getAlwaysAppendRowEnd() 
 protected String getCellEnd() 
 public String getMimeType() 
 protected String getRowEnd() 
 public  void setParameters(TableModel tableModel,
    boolean exportFullList,
    boolean includeHeader,
    boolean decorateValues)