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public interface: ExportView [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultPdfExportView, ExcelView, PdfView, BinaryExportView, DefaultRtfExportView, XmlView, ExcelHssfView, TextExportView, BaseExportView, DefaultHssfExportView, CsvView, DefaultItextExportView

Interface for export classes. ExportViewFactory is responsible for registering and initialization of export views. A default, no parameters constructor is required. The setParameters() method is guarantee to be called before any other operation.
Method from org.displaytag.export.ExportView Summary:
getMimeType,   setParameters
Method from org.displaytag.export.ExportView Detail:
 public String getMimeType()
    MimeType to return.
 public  void setParameters(TableModel tableModel,
    boolean exportFullList,
    boolean includeHeader,
    boolean decorateValues)
    initialize the parameters needed for export. The method is guarantee be called before doExport() and getMimeType(). Classes implementing ExportView should reset any instance field previously set when this method is called, in order to support instance reusing.