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Sub Packages:



BinaryExportView   Main interface for exportViews which need to output binary data.  code | html
ExportView   Interface for export classes.  code | html
TextExportView   Main interface for exportViews which need to output character data.  code | html

Abstract Classes:


Base abstract class for simple export views. 

code | html
DefaultItextExportView   Exporter using iText: subclasses export to any of the iText document types, such as PDF and RTF.  code | html


CsvView   Export view for comma separated value exporting.  code | html
DefaultItextExportView.ItextGenerationException   Wraps iText-generated exceptions.  code | html
DefaultPdfExportView   PDF exporter using iText.  code | html
DefaultPdfExportView.PageNumber   Prints a page number at the bottom of each page.  code | html
DefaultRtfExportView   RTF exporter using iText.  code | html
ExcelView   Export view for excel exporting.  code | html
ExportViewFactory   Factory for export views.  code | html
PdfView   PDF exporter using IText.  code | html
PdfView.PdfGenerationException   Wraps IText-generated exceptions.  code | html
XmlView   Export view for xml exporting.  code | html