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Package org.displaytag.jsptests

Class Summary
AutocolumnStringTest Tests for basic displaytag functionalities.
BasicTableTagTest Tests for basic displaytag functionalities.
CaptionTagTest Tests for caption tag.
ColumnBodyTest Tests for content in column body.
ColumnDecoratorTest Tests for column decorators.
ColumnLinksTest Tests for dynamic links.
ColumnPoolingTest Tests for column pooling in tomcat.
CssPropertyTest Tests for SetProperty tag.
DataSourceMapAutoColumnTest Tests for different kind of "data sources".
DataSourceMapTest Tests for different kind of "data sources".
DisabledMediaTest Test for #968559.
Displ001Test Tests for DISPL-1 - Autolink and maxlength problem.
Displ002Test Tests for DISPL-2 - Ability to use java var in id attribute in tabletag.
Displ004Test Tests for DISPL-4 - Html tags in "title" attribute when using maxLength.
Displ009Test Tests for DISPL-9 - Send user back to Page 1 on Desc/Asc.
Displ010Test Tests for DISPL-10: using and override with attributes.
Displ017Test Tests for basic displaytag functionalities.
Displ018Test Tests for DISPL-18 - Setting own comparator for column sorting.
Displ026Test Tests for DISPL-26 - More params for paging.banner.*_items_found.
Displ028Test Test for DISPL-252 - Multiple (chained) column decorators
Displ049Test Tests for DISPL-49 - style of column cannot be dynamically changed
Displ056Test Tests for DISPL-56 - unable to dinamically generate multiple tables on the same page with indipendent sorting (different id).
Displ058Test Tests for DISPL-58 - Additional attribute: specify property used for sorting.
Displ068Test Test for DISPL-68 - Allow row object to be of type Collection.
Displ074Test Test for DISPL-074 - href in column doesn't work in rc1 and rc2, worked in b1.
Displ080Test Test for DISPL-80 - option to automatically escape xml.
Displ081Test Tests for DISPL-81 - using ColumnDecorator with tag body.
Displ085Test Test for DISPL-085 - Dynamic Column Creation
Displ105Test Tests for DISPL-105: https hrefs in Table get generated as http.
Displ107Test Tests for DISPL-107: Excel and Text exports use Windows Latin-1 encoding.
Displ109Test Test for DISPL-109 - Center of paging banner number.
Displ110Test Test for DISPL-110 - Ability to highlight selected table row
Displ112Test Test for DISPL-112 - Allow requestURI with only parameters.
Displ117Test Test for DISPL-117 - Allow ColumnTag to generate links to current page.
Displ118Test Test for DISPL-118 - Exception when requesting invalid page of paged table.
Displ129Test Test for DISPL-129 - Partial list support with valuelist pattern.
Displ136Test Test for DISPL-118 - Exception when requesting invalid page of paged table.
Displ139Test Test for DISPL-139 - Will ColumnDecorator regain access to the PageContext?
Displ142Test Tests for DISPL-142: Export of nested tables does not work.
Displ145Test Tests for DISPL-145: check that pooled tags are not affected by the fix.
Displ147Test Test for DISPL-147.
Displ161Test Test for DISPL-161 - "null" still displayed even when nulls="false".
Displ174Test Test for DISPL-174 - sometimes "title" - sometimes not
Displ181Test Test for DISPL-181 - allow use of arrays as input instead of List.
Displ182Test Test for DISPL-182 - Empty list displayed when start offset == list length.
Displ192Test Test for DISPL-192 - add row style to current row from TableDecorator.
Displ199Test Test for DISPL-199 - Column Summation
Displ200Test Test for DISPL-200 - Can't use nested properties in TableDecorator.
Displ208Test Test for DISPL-208 - Column level default sort order.
Displ209Test Test for DISPL-209 - getListIndex() does not return the real list index.
Displ212Test Test for DISPL-212 - Table displayed incorrectly with fully loaded last page and page number+1 for page parameter.
Displ213Test Test for DISPL-213 - Page Listing Incorrect.
Displ220Test Test for DISPL-220 - Case-insensitive sorting.
Displ224Test Tests for DISPL-224 - Adding the "scope" attribute to table header cells for web accessibility.
Displ232Test Test for DISPL-232 - paging.banner.full: {6} is not the total number of pages.
Displ234Test Test for DISPL-234 - HTML title not added with chopped value (column tag - maxLength attribute).
Displ237Test Test for DISPL-237 - Problems using sorting, defaultsort
Displ243Test Test for DISPL-243 - Default column sort breaks sorting after a few sorts of the column
Displ249Test Test for DISPL-249 - Link generated for results navigation is breaking national character taken from FormBean.
Displ252Test Test for DISPL-252 - Multiple (chained) column decorators
Displ264Test Test for DISPL-264 - Export to Excel not appending form parameters.
Displ279Test Test for DISPL-279 - new "value" column attribute.
Displ280Test Test for DISPL-280 - Sortable header links fail when using external sorting and an integer as the sortName.
EmptyExportTest Tests export with a null list.
EmptyTableTest Tests with a null list.
EncodedParametersTest Tests for 1016089 - Param values not URLEncoded.
EncodedUriTest Tests for encoded uri.
ExcludedParamsStarTest Testcase for "excludedParams" table attribute.
ExcludedParamsTest Testcase for "excludedParams" table attribute.
ExportDecoratedTest Tests for column decorators.
ExportFileNameTest Tests for export file name property.
ExportFilterErrorTest Tests for export filter.
ExportFullTest Tests for full list export.
ExportHeadersFilterTest Tests removal of no-cache headers.
ExportHeadersTest Tests removal of no-cache headers.
ExportLinksTest Tests for "media" attribute support.
ExportPdfFilterTest Tests for pdf export.
ExportPdfTest Tests for pdf export.
ExportUTF8FilterTest Test for #968559.
ExportUTF8Test Test for #968559.
ExternalSortTest Basic tests for pagination.
FilterTest Tests the ResponseOverrideFilter.
FooterTagTest Tests for table footer.
GroupTest Tests for basic displaytag functionalities.
HtmlAttributesTest Tests for standard html attributes of table and column tags.
HtmlIdTest Tests for the htmlId attribute.
I18nPropertiesTest Verify that the TableProperties will show values from the proper locale.
ListIndexTableDecoratorTest Tests for column decorators.
MaxLengthTest Tests for maxlength attribute.
MediaSupportHtmlTest Tests for "media" attribute support.
MediaSupportXmlTest Tests for "media" attribute support.
NestedTest Simple nested tables.
NoContextTest Tests for dynamic links.
OffsetTest Tests for offset/length attributes.
OneRowOnlyTest A table with a single row.
OptimizedIteration2Test Tests for optimized iterations (don't evaluate unneeded body of columns).
OptimizedIteration3Test Tests for optimized iterations (don't evaluate unneeded body of columns).
OptimizedIterationTest Tests for optimized iterations (don't evaluate unneeded body of columns).
PaginationAllItemsTest Basic tests for pagination.
PaginationLinksTest Testcase for #944056.
PaginationTest Basic tests for pagination.
PartialListMissingSizeTest Basic tests for pagination.
PartialListSortFullTest Basic tests for pagination.
PartialListTest Basic tests for pagination.
RequestUriTest Tests for requestUri column attribute.
SetPropertyTagTest Tests for SetProperty tag.