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public class: I18nJstlAdapter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    LocaleResolver, I18nResourceProvider

JSTL implementation of a resource provider and locale resolver. It will make the titleKey attribute of column tag works the same as fmt:message's key property. This tag must be the descendant of a fmt:bundle tag in order to use the titleKey. This is just a shortcut, which makes
<display:column titleKey="bar"/>
behave the same as
<c:set var="foo">
<fmt:message key="bar"/>
<display:column title="${foo}"/>
If you don't define either titleKey or titleKey property on your column, first the tag will attempt to look up the property property in your ResourceBundle. Failing that, it will fall back to the parent class's behavior of just using the property name.
Field Summary
public static final  String UNDEFINED_KEY    prefix/suffix for missing entries. 
 public I18nJstlAdapter() 
Method from org.displaytag.localization.I18nJstlAdapter Summary:
getResource,   resolveLocale
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Method from org.displaytag.localization.I18nJstlAdapter Detail:
 public String getResource(String resourceKey,
    String defaultValue,
    Tag tag,
    PageContext pageContext) 
 public Locale resolveLocale(HttpServletRequest request)