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public class: Column [javadoc | source]
Represents a column in a table.
 public Column(HeaderCell headerCell,
    Cell currentCell,
    Row parentRow) 
    Constructor for Column.
    headerCell - HeaderCell
    currentCell - Cell
    parentRow - Row
Method from org.displaytag.model.Column Summary:
createChoppedAndLinkedValue,   getChoppedAndLinkedValue,   getCloseTag,   getHeaderCell,   getOpenTag,   getValue,   initialize,   toString
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Method from org.displaytag.model.Column Detail:
 public String createChoppedAndLinkedValue() throws DecoratorException, ObjectLookupException 
    Calculates the cell content, cropping or linking the value as needed.
 public String getChoppedAndLinkedValue() 
    get the final value to be displayed in the table. This method can only be called after initialize(), where the content is evaluated
 public String getCloseTag() 
    Generates the cell close tag (</td>).
 public HeaderCell getHeaderCell() 
    Get the header cell for this column.
 public String getOpenTag() 
    Generates the cell open tag.
 public Object getValue(boolean decorated) throws DecoratorException, ObjectLookupException 
    Gets the value, after calling the table / column decorator is requested.
 public  void initialize() throws DecoratorException, ObjectLookupException 
    Initialize the cell value.
 public String toString()