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public class: Row [javadoc | source]
Holds informations for a table row.
 public Row(Object object,
    int number) 
    Constructor for Row.
    object - Object
    number - int
Method from org.displaytag.model.Row Summary:
addCell,   getCellList,   getCloseTag,   getColumnIterator,   getObject,   getOpenTag,   getParentTable,   getRowNumber,   setParentTable,   setRowNumber,   toString
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.displaytag.model.Row Detail:
 public  void addCell(Cell cell) 
    Adds a cell to the row.
 public List getCellList() 
    getter for the list of Cell object.
 public String getCloseTag() 
    writes the </tr> tag.
 public ColumnIterator getColumnIterator(List columns) 
    Iterates on columns.
 public Object getObject() 
    getter for the object holding values for the current row.
 public String getOpenTag() 
    Writes the open <tr> tag.
 protected TableModel getParentTable() 
    Getter for the table model the row belongs to.
 public int getRowNumber() 
    Getter for the row number.
 protected  void setParentTable(TableModel table) 
    Setter for the table model the row belongs to.
 public  void setRowNumber(int number) 
    Setter for the row number.
 public String toString()