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public class: TableModel [javadoc | source]
Table Model. Holds table data for presentation.
 public TableModel(TableProperties tableProperties,
    String charEncoding,
    PageContext pageContext) 
    Constructor for TableModel.
    tableProperties - table properties
    charEncoding - response encoding
Method from org.displaytag.model.TableModel Summary:
addColumnHeader,   addRow,   getCaption,   getEncoding,   getFooter,   getHeaderCellList,   getId,   getMedia,   getNumberOfColumns,   getPageContext,   getProperties,   getRowIterator,   getRowListFull,   getRowListPage,   getSortedColumnHeader,   getSortedColumnNumber,   getTableDecorator,   isEmpty,   isLocalSort,   isSortFullTable,   isSortOrderAscending,   isSorted,   setCaption,   setFooter,   setId,   setLocalSort,   setMedia,   setPageOffset,   setRowListPage,   setSortFullTable,   setSortOrderAscending,   setSortedColumnName,   setSortedColumnNumber,   setTableDecorator,   sortFullList,   sortPageList,   toString
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Method from org.displaytag.model.TableModel Detail:
 public  void addColumnHeader(HeaderCell headerCell) 
    Adds a column header (HeaderCell object).
 public  void addRow(Row row) 
    adds a Row object to the table.
 public String getCaption() 
    Obtain this table's caption.
 public String getEncoding() 
    Getter for character encoding.
 public String getFooter() 
    Obtain this table's footer.
 public List getHeaderCellList() 
    List containing headerCell objects.
 public String getId() 
    get the table id.
 public MediaTypeEnum getMedia() 
    Gets the current media type.
 public int getNumberOfColumns() 
    return the number of columns in the table.
 protected PageContext getPageContext() 
    Returns the jsp page context.
 public TableProperties getProperties() 
    Returns the table properties.
 public RowIterator getRowIterator(boolean full) 
    returns a RowIterator on the requested (full|page) list.
 public List getRowListFull() 
    get the full list.
 public List getRowListPage() 
    gets the partial (paginated) list.
 public HeaderCell getSortedColumnHeader() 
    returns the HeaderCell for the sorted column.
 public int getSortedColumnNumber() 
    return the index of the sorted column.
 public TableDecorator getTableDecorator() 
    getter for the Table Decorator.
 public boolean isEmpty() 
    return true is the table has no columns.
 public boolean isLocalSort() 
 public boolean isSortFullTable() 
    return the sort full table property.
 public boolean isSortOrderAscending() 
    return the sort order of the page.
 public boolean isSorted() 
    returns true if the table is sorted.
 public  void setCaption(String caption) 
    Set this table's caption.
 public  void setFooter(String footer) 
    Set this table's footer.
 public  void setId(String tableId) 
    Setter for the tablemodel id.
 public  void setLocalSort(boolean localSort) 
    Sets whether the table performs local in memory sorting of the data.
 public  void setMedia(MediaTypeEnum media) 
    sets the current media type.
 public  void setPageOffset(int offset) 
    Sets the starting offset for elements in the viewable list.
 public  void setRowListPage(List rowList) 
 public  void setSortFullTable(boolean sortFull) 
    sets the sort full table property. If true the full list is sorted, if false sorting is applied only to the displayed sublist.
 public  void setSortOrderAscending(boolean isSortOrderAscending) 
    set the sort order of the list.
 public  void setSortedColumnName(String sortedColumnName) 
    sets the name of the currently sorted column
 public  void setSortedColumnNumber(int sortIndex) 
    set the sorted column index.
 public  void setTableDecorator(TableDecorator decorator) 
    setter for the table decorator.
 public  void sortFullList() 
    sort the full list of data.
 public  void sortPageList() 
    sort the list displayed in page.
 public String toString()