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org.displaytag.portlet: Javadoc index of package org.displaytag.portlet.

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PortletHref: Implementation of the Href interface that generates URLs using the javax.portlet APIs. As the portlet API supports the concept of WindowStates, PorletModes, secure URLs and actions versus render the implementation supports these concepts as well through the standard org.displaytag.util.Href APIs. The features are manipulated using special parameter names and values: Feature Parameter Name Parameter Value Render vs Action URL PARAM_TYPE 55 (portlet:type) "render" for RenderURLs, "action" for ActionURLs WindowState PARAM_STATE 55 (portlet:state) The value is used directly for the WindowState name ...
PortletRequestHelper: Reads parameters and generates URLs using javax.portlet APIs. The javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext passed into the constructor must provide the javax.portlet.PortletRequest via an attribute named JAVAX_PORTLET_REQUEST 55 and javax.portlet.RenderResponse via an attribute named JAVAX_PORTLET_RESPONSE 55 . If the pluto portlet container is being used these objects should be setup appropriatly already.
PortletRequestHelperFactory: Generates PortletRequestHelper objects.

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