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org.displaytag.render: Javadoc index of package org.displaytag.render.

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TableWriterTemplate: A template that encapsulates and drives the construction of a table based on a given table model and configuration. This class is meant to be extended by classes that build tables sharing the same structure, sorting, and grouping, but that write them in different formats and to various destinations. Subclasses must provide the format- and destination-specific implementations of the abstract methods this class calls to build a table. (Background: This class came about because our users wanted to export tables to Excel and PDF just as they were presented in HTML. It originates with the TableTagData.writeHTMLData ...
TableWriterAdapter: Convenience abstract adapter for constructing a table view; contains only stub implementations. This class exists as a convenience for creating table-writer objects. Extend this class to create a table writer and override the methods of interest. This class also protects subclasses from future additions to TableWriterTemplate they may not be interested in.
HssfTableWriter: A table writer that formats a table in Excel's spreadsheet format, and writes it to an HSSF workbook.
HtmlTableWriter: A table writer that formats a table in HTML and writes it to a JSP page.
ItextTableWriter: A table writer that formats table as and writes it to an iText document.

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