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public class: Wrapper [javadoc | source]
This class is a decorator of the TestObjects that we keep in our List. This class provides a number of methods for formatting data, creating dynamic links, and exercising some aspects of the display:table API functionality.
Fields inherited from org.displaytag.decorator.Decorator:
 public Wrapper() 
Method from org.displaytag.sample.decorators.Wrapper Summary:
getDate,   getLink1,   getLink2,   getMoney,   getNullValue
Methods from org.displaytag.decorator.TableDecorator:
addRowClass,   addRowId,   displayGroupedValue,   endOfGroup,   evaluate,   finish,   finishRow,   getCurrentRowObject,   getListIndex,   getViewIndex,   initRow,   isLastRow,   startOfGroup,   startRow
Methods from org.displaytag.decorator.Decorator:
finish,   getDecoratedObject,   getPageContext,   hasGetterFor,   init,   init,   searchGetterFor
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Method from org.displaytag.sample.decorators.Wrapper Detail:
 public String getDate() 
    Returns the date as a String in MM/dd/yy format.
 public String getLink1() 
    Returns the TestObject's ID as a hyperlink that the person can click on and "drill down" for more details.
 public String getLink2() 
    Returns an "action bar" of sorts that allow the user to perform various actions on the TestObject based on it's id.
 public String getMoney() 
    Returns the money as a String in $ #,###,###.00 format.
 public String getNullValue() 
    Test method which always returns a null value.