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public class: SetPropertyTag [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    BodyTag, IterationTag, Serializable

Direct Known Subclasses:

Method from org.displaytag.tags.SetPropertyTag Summary:
doEndTag,   doStartTag,   setName,   setValue
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doAfterBody,   doEndTag,   doInitBody,   doStartTag,   getBodyContent,   getPreviousOut,   release,   setBodyContent
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doAfterBody,   doEndTag,   doStartTag,   findAncestorWithClass,   getId,   getParent,   getValue,   getValues,   release,   removeValue,   setId,   setPageContext,   setParent,   setValue
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Method from org.displaytag.tags.SetPropertyTag Detail:
 public int doEndTag() throws MissingAttributeException 
    Passes attribute information up to the parent TableTag.

    When we hit the end of the tag, we simply let our parent (which better be a TableTag) know what the user wants to change a property value, and we pass the name/value pair that the user gave us, up to the parent

 public int doStartTag() throws JspException 
 public  void setName(String propertyName) 
    Sets the name of the property.
 public  void setValue(String propertyValue) 
    Sets the value of the property.