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Package org.displaytag.tags

Class Summary
CaptionTag Simple caption tag which mimics a standard html caption.
CaptionTagBeanInfo Needed to make the "class" tag attribute working.
ColumnTag This tag works hand in hand with the TableTag to display a list of objects.
ColumnTagBeanInfo BeanInfo descriptor for the ColumnTag class..
HtmlTableTag Base tag which provides setters for all the standard html attributes.
TableFooterTag Display a table footer.
TableTag This tag takes a list of objects and creates a table to display those objects.
TableTagBeanInfo Beaninfo class for tableTag.
TableTagExtraInfo TEI for TableTag, defines 3 variables.
TableTagExtraInfoTest Test case for org.displaytag.tags.TableTagExtraInfo.
TableTagParameters Constants for parameter names.
TemplateTag Base template class.