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org.displaytag.test: Javadoc index of package org.displaytag.test.

Package Samples:



TestAll: Dynamic test suite derived from Runs all Java test cases in the source tree that extend TestCase. This helps running tests faster with ant/maven since httpunit tests requires forking and starting a new java process for each test is too slow.
ClassFinder: This class is responsible for searching a directory for class files. It builds a list of fully qualified class names from the class files in the directory tree.
NumberComparator: Sorts 2 numbers, converted from objects using beanutils Converters.
TestCaseLoader: Responsible for loading classes representing valid test cases.
ShuffledNumberedList: Test data provider. A list of 4 unordered NumberedItems.
KnownNumberedList: Test data provider. A list of 5 NumberedItems.
NumberedItem: Simple test objects which wraps an int value.
URLAssert: Assert class used to compare URLs.
DisplaytagCase: Base TestCase class for tests.
KnownTypes: Simple test data provider.
KnownValue: Simple test data provider.

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