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public final class: HtmlTagUtil [javadoc | source]
Utility methods for dealing with html tags.
Method from org.displaytag.util.HtmlTagUtil Summary:
abbreviateHtmlString,   createOpenTagString,   stripHTMLTags
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Method from org.displaytag.util.HtmlTagUtil Detail:
 public static String abbreviateHtmlString(String str,
    int maxLength,
    boolean byNumberOfWords) 
    Abbreviates a String which can contain html tags. Html tags are not counted in String length. It also try to handle open tags and html entities.
 public static String createOpenTagString(String tagName,
    HtmlAttributeMap attributes) 
    costruct a tag from a name and a collection of attributes.
 public static String stripHTMLTags(String str) 
    Strips html tags from a String.