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public interface: RequestHelper [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    PortletRequestHelper, DefaultRequestHelper

A RequestHelper object is used to read parameters from the request. Main features are handling of numeric parameters and the ability to create Href objects from the current request.
Method from org.displaytag.util.RequestHelper Summary:
getHref,   getIntParameter,   getParameter,   getParameterMap
Method from org.displaytag.util.RequestHelper Detail:
 public Href getHref()
    return the current Href for the request (base url and parameters).
 public Integer getIntParameter(String key)
    Reads an Integer parameter from the request.
 public String getParameter(String key)
    Reads a String parameter from the request.
 public Map getParameterMap()
    Returns a Map containing all the parameters in the request.