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Package org.displaytag.util

Interface Summary
Href Interface representing an URI (the href parameter of an <a> tag).
MediaUtil.SupportsMedia Defines a type of object that can support a list of media types.
RequestHelper A RequestHelper object is used to read parameters from the request.
RequestHelperFactory RequestHelperFactory interface.

Class Summary
Anchor Anchor object used to output an html link (an <a> tag).
CollectionUtil Utility methods for collection handling.
DefaultHrefTest Test case for org.displaytag.util.Href.
DefaultRequestHelper Default RequestHelper implementation.
DefaultRequestHelperFactory Default RequestHelperFactory implementation.
DependencyChecker An user-friendly dependency checker.
HtmlAttributeMap Extends Map providing only a different toString() method which can be used in printing attributes inside an html tag.
HtmlTagUtil Utility methods for dealing with html tags.
HtmlTagUtilTest Test case for org.displaytag.util.HtmlTagUtil.
LookupUtil Utility class with methods for object and properties retrieving.
MediaUtil This class provides services for configuring and determining the list of media types an instance of SupportsMedia supports.
MultipleHtmlAttribute Object used to contain html multiple attribute value (for the "class" attribute).
ParamEncoder Simple utility class for encoding parameter names.
ParamEncoderTest Tests for ParamEncoder.
ReflectHelper Utility method for reflection.
TagConstants Constants for html tags.
ToStringTest Check that toString() methods are constructed appropriately, uses the correct style and that there aren't stupid NPE bugs in them.