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Href   Interface representing an URI (the href parameter of an <a> tag).  code | html
MediaUtil.SupportsMedia   Defines a type of object that can support a list of media types.  code | html
RequestHelper   A RequestHelper object is used to read parameters from the request.  code | html
RequestHelperFactory   RequestHelperFactory interface.  code | html


Anchor   Anchor object used to output an html link (an <a> tag).  code | html
CollectionUtil   Utility methods for collection handling.  code | html
DefaultHref     code | html
DefaultRequestHelper   Default RequestHelper implementation.  code | html
DefaultRequestHelperFactory   Default RequestHelperFactory implementation. Returns instaces of DefaultRequestHelper code | html
DependencyChecker   An user-friendly dependency checker.  code | html
HtmlAttributeMap   Extends Map providing only a different toString() method which can be used in printing attributes inside an html tag.  code | html
HtmlTagUtil   Utility methods for dealing with html tags.  code | html
LookupUtil   Utility class with methods for object and properties retrieving.  code | html
MediaUtil   This class provides services for configuring and determining the list of media types an instance of SupportsMedia supports.  code | html
MultipleHtmlAttribute   Object used to contain html multiple attribute value (for the "class" attribute).  code | html
ParamEncoder   Simple utility class for encoding parameter names.  code | html
ReflectHelper   Utility method for reflection.  code | html
TagConstants   Constants for html tags.  code | html

All Test Cases:

DefaultHrefTest   Test case for org.displaytag.util.Href.  code | html
HtmlTagUtilTest   Test case for org.displaytag.util.HtmlTagUtil.  code | html
ParamEncoderTest   Tests for ParamEncoder.  code | html
ToStringTest   Check that toString() methods are constructed appropriately, uses the correct style and that there aren't stupid NPE bugs in them.  code | html