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public interface: FieldDescriptor [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JDOFieldDescriptor, JDOFieldDescriptorImpl, XMLFieldDescriptor, FieldDescriptorImpl, XMLContainerElementFieldDescriptor, XMLFieldDescriptorImpl, AbstractFieldDescriptor

Describes the properties of a field. Implementations will extend this inteface to provide additional properties.
Method from org.exolab.castor.mapping.FieldDescriptor Summary:
getClassDescriptor,   getContainingClassDescriptor,   getFieldName,   getFieldType,   getHandler,   isImmutable,   isMultivalued,   isRequired,   isTransient,   setContainingClassDescriptor
Method from org.exolab.castor.mapping.FieldDescriptor Detail:
 public ClassDescriptor getClassDescriptor()
    Returns the class descriptor related to the field type. If the field type is a class for which a descriptor exists, this descriptor is returned. If the field type is a class for which no mapping is provided, null is returned.
 public ClassDescriptor getContainingClassDescriptor()
    Get the class descriptor which contains this field.
 public String getFieldName()
    Returns the name of the field. The field must have a name, even if set through accessor methods.
 public Class getFieldType()
    Returns the Java type of the field.
 public FieldHandler getHandler()
    Returns the handler of the field. In order to persist or marshal a field descriptor will be associated with a handler.
 public boolean isImmutable()
    Returns true if the field type is immutable.
 public boolean isMultivalued()
    Returns true if the field is multivalued (a collection).
 public boolean isRequired()
    Returns true if the field type is required.
 public boolean isTransient()
    Returns true if the field is transient. Transient fields are never persisted or marshalled.
 public  void setContainingClassDescriptor(ClassDescriptor parent)
    Set the class descriptor which contains this field.