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public interface: ResolverStrategy [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:

A resolver strategy implements how ClassDescriptor's are found for a given class. It uses multiple ResolveCommand's for first time resolution, but also some caching of already evaluated classes.
Nested Class Summary:
public interface  ResolverStrategy.ResolverResults  As a strategy generate one or more class descriptors it needs a place to put the results to. This is a minimal interface to give the strategy a place where to put generated class descriptors to. 
Field Summary
 String PROPERTY_CLASS_LOADER    To set the class loader property for resolving. 
 String PROPERTY_USE_INTROSPECTION    To set the use introspection property for resolving. 
 String PROPERTY_INTROSPECTOR    To set the introspector property for resolving. 
 String PROPERTY_LOAD_PACKAGE_MAPPINGS    To set the LoadPackageMappings property for resolving. 
 String PROPERTY_MAPPING_LOADER    To set the mapping loader property for resolving. 
Method from org.exolab.castor.xml.util.ResolverStrategy Summary:
resolveClass,   resolvePackage,   setProperty
Method from org.exolab.castor.xml.util.ResolverStrategy Detail:
 public ClassDescriptor resolveClass(ResolverResults resolverResults,
    String className) throws ResolverException
    Implementes a strategy how a class is resolved into a list of class descriptors.
 public  void resolvePackage(ResolverResults resolverResults,
    String packageName) throws ResolverException
    Implementes a strategy how a package is resolved into a list of class descriptors.
 public  void setProperty(String key,
    Object value)
    To set properties for strategy and/or commands.