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org.hibernate.bytecode.javassist: Javadoc index of package org.hibernate.bytecode.javassist.

Package Samples:



InstantiationOptimizerAdapter: The ReflectionOptimizer.InstantiationOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adpater to the FastClass class.
AccessOptimizerAdapter: The ReflectionOptimizer.AccessOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adpater to the BulkAccessor class.
BulkAccessor: A JavaBean accessor. This object provides methods that set/get multiple properties of a JavaBean at once. This class and its support classes have been developed for the comaptibility with cglib ( ).
JavassistClassTransformer: Enhance the classes allowing them to implements InterceptFieldEnabled This interface is then used by Hibernate for some optimizations.
ProxyFactoryFactoryImpl: A factory for Javassist-based org.hibernate.proxy.ProxyFactory instances.
BulkAccessorException: An exception thrown while generating a bulk accessor.
ReflectionOptimizerImpl: ReflectionOptimizer implementation for Javassist.
BytecodeProviderImpl: Bytecode provider implementation for Javassist.
BulkAccessorFactory: A factory of bulk accessors.

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