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FieldFilter   Contract for deciding whether fields should be read and/or write intercepted.  code | html
FieldHandled   Interface introduced to the enhanced class in order to be able to inject a FieldHandler to define the interception behavior.  code | html
FieldHandler   The interface defining how interception of a field should be handled.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BulkAccessor   A JavaBean accessor.  code | html


AccessOptimizerAdapter   The ReflectionOptimizer.AccessOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adpater to the BulkAccessor class.  code | html
BulkAccessorException   An exception thrown while generating a bulk accessor.  code | html
BulkAccessorFactory   A factory of bulk accessors.  code | html
BytecodeProviderImpl   Bytecode provider implementation for Javassist.  code | html
FastClass     code | html
FieldTransformer   The thing that handles actual class enhancement in regards to intercepting field accesses.  code | html
InstantiationOptimizerAdapter   The ReflectionOptimizer.InstantiationOptimizer implementation for Javassist which simply acts as an adpater to the FastClass class.  code | html
JavassistClassTransformer   Enhance the classes allowing them to implements InterceptFieldEnabled This interface is then used by Hibernate for some optimizations.  code | html
ProxyFactoryFactoryImpl   A factory for Javassist-based ProxyFactory instances.  code | html
ProxyFactoryFactoryImpl.BasicProxyFactoryImpl     code | html
ProxyFactoryFactoryImpl.PassThroughHandler     code | html
ReflectionOptimizerImpl   ReflectionOptimizer implementation for Javassist.  code | html
TransformingClassLoader     code | html