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public interface: ConnectionProvider [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    UserSuppliedConnectionProvider, DriverManagerConnectionProvider, C3P0ConnectionProvider, DatasourceConnectionProvider, ProxoolConnectionProvider

A strategy for obtaining JDBC connections.

Implementors might also implement connection pooling.

The ConnectionProvider interface is not intended to be exposed to the application. Instead it is used internally by Hibernate to obtain connections.

Implementors should provide a public default constructor.
Method from org.hibernate.connection.ConnectionProvider Summary:
close,   closeConnection,   configure,   getConnection,   supportsAggressiveRelease
Method from org.hibernate.connection.ConnectionProvider Detail:
 public  void close() throws HibernateException
    Release all resources held by this provider. JavaDoc requires a second sentence.
 public  void closeConnection(Connection conn) throws SQLException
    Dispose of a used connection.
 public  void configure(Properties props) throws HibernateException
    Initialize the connection provider from given properties.
 public Connection getConnection() throws SQLException
    Grab a connection, with the autocommit mode specified by hibernate.connection.autocommit.
 public boolean supportsAggressiveRelease()
    Does this connection provider support aggressive release of JDBC connections and re-acquistion of those connections (if need be) later?

    This is used in conjunction with org.hibernate.cfg.Environment.RELEASE_CONNECTIONS to aggressively release JDBC connections. However, the configured ConnectionProvider must support re-acquisition of the same underlying connection for that semantic to work.

    Typically, this is only true in managed environments where a container tracks connections by transaction or thread. Note that JTA semantic depends on the fact that the underlying connection provider does support aggressive release.