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public interface: LockingStrategy [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    SelectLockingStrategy, ReadUncommittedLockingStrategy, UpdateLockingStrategy

A strategy abstraction for how locks are obtained in the underlying database.

All locking provided implemenations assume the underlying database supports (and that the connection is in) at least read-committed transaction isolation. The most glaring exclusion to this is HSQLDB which only offers support for READ_UNCOMMITTED isolation.

Method from org.hibernate.dialect.lock.LockingStrategy Summary:
Method from org.hibernate.dialect.lock.LockingStrategy Detail:
 public  void lock(Serializable id,
    Object version,
    Object object,
    SessionImplementor session) throws StaleObjectStateException, JDBCException
    Acquire an appropriate type of lock on the underlying data that will endure until the end of the current transaction.