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public class: UpdateLockingStrategy [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A locking strategy where the locks are obtained through update statements.

This strategy is not valid for read style locks.

 public UpdateLockingStrategy(Lockable lockable,
    LockMode lockMode) 
    Construct a locking strategy based on SQL UPDATE statements.
    lockable - The metadata for the entity to be locked.
    lockMode - Indictates the type of lock to be acquired. Note that read-locks are not valid for this strategy.
Method from org.hibernate.dialect.lock.UpdateLockingStrategy Summary:
generateLockString,   getLockMode,   lock
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Method from org.hibernate.dialect.lock.UpdateLockingStrategy Detail:
 protected String generateLockString() 
 protected LockMode getLockMode() 
 public  void lock(Serializable id,
    Object version,
    Object object,
    SessionImplementor session) throws StaleObjectStateException, JDBCException