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Sub Packages:

org.hibernate.dialect.function   A framework for defining database-specific SQL functions that are available via the dialect.  


DialectFactory.DatabaseDialectMapper   For a given database product name, instances of DatabaseDialectMapper know which Dialect to use for different versions.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractTransactSQLDialect   An abstract base class for Sybase and MS SQL Server dialects.  code | html
Dialect   Represents a dialect of SQL implemented by a particular RDBMS.  code | html


Cache71Dialect   Caché 2007.1 dialect.  code | html
DB2390Dialect   An SQL dialect for DB2/390.  code | html
DB2400Dialect   An SQL dialect for DB2/400.  code | html
DB2Dialect   An SQL dialect for DB2.  code | html
DataDirectOracle9Dialect     code | html
DerbyDialect   Hibernate Dialect for Cloudscape 10 - aka Derby.  code | html
DerbyDialect.DerbyTrimFunctionEmulation   A specialized function template to emulate the ANSI trim function on Derby DB since it does not support the full trim specification.  code | html
DialectFactory   A factory for generating Dialect instances.  code | html
DialectFactory.VersionInsensitiveMapper   A simple DatabaseDialectMapper for dialects which are independent of the underlying database product version.  code | html
FirebirdDialect   An SQL dialect for Firebird.  code | html
FrontBaseDialect   An SQL Dialect for Frontbase.  code | html
GenericDialect   A generic SQL dialect which may or may not work on any actual databases  code | html
H2Dialect   A dialect compatible with the H2 database.  code | html
HSQLDialect   An SQL dialect compatible with HSQLDB (Hypersonic SQL).  code | html
HSQLDialect.ReadUncommittedLockingStrategy     code | html
InformixDialect   Informix dialect.

Seems to work with Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.UD3, Informix JDBC driver version 2.21JC3. 
code | html
IngresDialect   An Ingres SQL dialect.  code | html
InterbaseDialect   An SQL dialect for Interbase.  code | html
JDataStoreDialect   A Dialect for JDataStore.  code | html
MckoiDialect   An SQL dialect compatible with McKoi SQL  code | html
MimerSQLDialect   An Hibernate 3 SQL dialect for Mimer SQL.  code | html
MySQL5Dialect   An SQL dialect for MySQL 5.x specific features.  code | html
MySQL5InnoDBDialect     code | html
MySQLDialect   An SQL dialect for MySQL (prior to 5.x).  code | html
MySQLInnoDBDialect     code | html
MySQLMyISAMDialect     code | html
Oracle10gDialect   A dialect specifically for use with Oracle 10g.  code | html
Oracle8iDialect   A dialect for Oracle 8i.  code | html
Oracle9Dialect   An SQL dialect for Oracle 9 (uses ANSI-style syntax where possible).  code | html
Oracle9iDialect   A dialect for Oracle 9i databases.  code | html
OracleDialect   An SQL dialect for Oracle, compatible with Oracle 8.  code | html
PointbaseDialect   A Dialect for Pointbase.  code | html
PostgreSQLDialect   An SQL dialect for Postgres  code | html
PostgresPlusDialect   An SQL dialect for Postgres Plus  code | html
ProgressDialect   An SQL dialect compatible with Progress 9.1C

Connection Parameters required:
  • hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.sql.ProgressDialect
  • hibernate.driver com.progress.sql.jdbc.JdbcProgressDriver
  • hibernate.url jdbc:JdbcProgress:T:host:port:dbname;WorkArounds=536870912
  • hibernate.username username
  • hibernate.password password
The WorkArounds parameter in the URL is required to avoid an error in the Progress 9.1C JDBC driver related to PreparedStatements. 
code | html
RDMSOS2200Dialect   This is the Hibernate dialect for the Unisys 2200 Relational Database (RDMS).  code | html
ResultColumnReferenceStrategy   Defines how we need to reference columns in the group-by, having, and order-by clauses.  code | html
SAPDBDialect   An SQL dialect compatible with SAP DB.  code | html
SQLServer7Dialect   Dialect for SQLServer7  code | html
SQLServerDialect   A dialect for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005  code | html
Sybase11Dialect   A SQL dialect suitable for use with Sybase 11.9.2 (specifically: avoids ANSI JOIN syntax)  code | html
SybaseASE15Dialect   An SQL dialect compatible with Sybase and MS SQL Server.  code | html
SybaseAnywhereDialect   SQL Dialect for Sybase Anywhere extending Sybase (Enterprise) Dialect (Tested on ASA 8.x)  code | html
SybaseDialect   SybaseDialect is being deprecated.  code | html
TeradataDialect   A dialect for the Teradata database created by MCR as part of the dialect certification process.  code | html
TimesTenDialect   A SQL dialect for TimesTen 5.1.  code | html
TypeNames   This class maps a type to names.  code | html