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public class: ActionQueue [javadoc | source]
Responsible for maintaining the queue of actions related to events.

The ActionQueue holds the DML operations queued as part of a session's transactional-write-behind semantics. DML operations are queued here until a flush forces them to be executed against the database.
 public ActionQueue(SessionImplementor session) 
    Constructs an action queue bound to the given session.
    session - The session "owning" this queue.
Method from org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue Summary:
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Method from org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue Detail:
 public  void addAction(EntityInsertAction action) 
 public  void addAction(EntityDeleteAction action) 
 public  void addAction(EntityUpdateAction action) 
 public  void addAction(CollectionRecreateAction action) 
 public  void addAction(CollectionRemoveAction action) 
 public  void addAction(CollectionUpdateAction action) 
 public  void addAction(EntityIdentityInsertAction insert) 
 public  void addAction(BulkOperationCleanupAction cleanupAction) 
 public  void afterTransactionCompletion(boolean success) 
    Performs cleanup of any held cache softlocks.
 public boolean areInsertionsOrDeletionsQueued() 
    Check whether any insertion or deletion actions are currently queued.
 public boolean areTablesToBeUpdated(Set tables) 
    Check whether the given tables/query-spaces are to be executed against given the currently queued actions.
 public  void clear() 
 public  void clearFromFlushNeededCheck(int previousCollectionRemovalSize) 
 public ArrayList cloneDeletions() 
 public static ActionQueue deserialize(ObjectInputStream ois,
    SessionImplementor session) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException 
    Used by the owning session to explicitly control deserialization of the action queue
 public  void execute(Executable executable) 
 public  void executeActions() throws HibernateException 
    Perform all currently queued actions.
 public  void executeInserts() throws HibernateException 
    Perform all currently queued entity-insertion actions.
 public boolean hasAfterTransactionActions() 
 public boolean hasAnyQueuedActions() 
 public int numberOfCollectionCreations() 
 public int numberOfCollectionRemovals() 
 public int numberOfCollectionUpdates() 
 public int numberOfDeletions() 
 public int numberOfInsertions() 
 public int numberOfUpdates() 
 public  void prepareActions() throws HibernateException 
    Prepares the internal action queues for execution.
 public  void serialize(ObjectOutputStream oos) throws IOException 
    Used by the owning session to explicitly control serialization of the action queue
 public  void sortActions() 
 public  void sortCollectionActions() 
 public String toString() 
    Returns a string representation of the object.