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public interface: SessionFactoryImplementor [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.hibernate.SessionFactory, Mapping

All Known Implementing Classes:

Defines the internal contract between the SessionFactory and other parts of Hibernate such as implementors of Type.
Method from org.hibernate.engine.SessionFactoryImplementor Summary:
getAllSecondLevelCacheRegions,   getCollectionPersister,   getCollectionRolesByEntityParticipant,   getConnectionProvider,   getDialect,   getEntityNotFoundDelegate,   getEntityPersister,   getIdentifierGenerator,   getImplementors,   getImportedClassName,   getInterceptor,   getNamedQuery,   getNamedSQLQuery,   getQueryCache,   getQueryCache,   getQueryPlanCache,   getResultSetMapping,   getReturnAliases,   getReturnTypes,   getSQLExceptionConverter,   getSecondLevelCacheRegion,   getSettings,   getSqlFunctionRegistry,   getStatisticsImplementor,   getTransactionManager,   getUpdateTimestampsCache,   openSession,   openTemporarySession
Method from org.hibernate.engine.SessionFactoryImplementor Detail:
 public Map getAllSecondLevelCacheRegions()
    Get a map of all the second level cache regions currently maintained in this session factory. The map is structured with the region name as the key and the Region instances as the values.
 public CollectionPersister getCollectionPersister(String role) throws MappingException
    Get the persister object for a collection role.
 public Set getCollectionRolesByEntityParticipant(String entityName)
    Retrieves a set of all the collection roles in which the given entity is a participant, as either an index or an element.
 public ConnectionProvider getConnectionProvider()
    Get the connection provider
 public Dialect getDialect()
 public EntityNotFoundDelegate getEntityNotFoundDelegate()
 public EntityPersister getEntityPersister(String entityName) throws MappingException
    Get the persister for the named entity
 public IdentifierGenerator getIdentifierGenerator(String rootEntityName)
    Get the identifier generator for the hierarchy
 public String[] getImplementors(String className) throws MappingException
    Get the names of all persistent classes that implement/extend the given interface/class
 public String getImportedClassName(String name)
    Get a class name, using query language imports
 public Interceptor getInterceptor()
    Get the factory scoped interceptor for this factory.
 public NamedQueryDefinition getNamedQuery(String queryName)
 public NamedSQLQueryDefinition getNamedSQLQuery(String queryName)
 public QueryCache getQueryCache()
    Get the default query cache
 public QueryCache getQueryCache(String regionName) throws HibernateException
    Get a particular named query cache, or the default cache
 public QueryPlanCache getQueryPlanCache()
 public ResultSetMappingDefinition getResultSetMapping(String name)
 public String[] getReturnAliases(String queryString) throws HibernateException
    Get the return aliases of a query
 public Type[] getReturnTypes(String queryString) throws HibernateException
    Get the return types of a query
 public SQLExceptionConverter getSQLExceptionConverter()
    Retrieves the SQLExceptionConverter in effect for this SessionFactory.
 public Region getSecondLevelCacheRegion(String regionName)
    Get a named second-level cache region
 public Settings getSettings()
 public SQLFunctionRegistry getSqlFunctionRegistry()
 public StatisticsImplementor getStatisticsImplementor()
    Statistics SPI
 public TransactionManager getTransactionManager()
    Get the JTA transaction manager
 public UpdateTimestampsCache getUpdateTimestampsCache()
    Get the cache of table update timestamps
 public Session openSession(Connection connection,
    boolean flushBeforeCompletionEnabled,
    boolean autoCloseSessionEnabled,
    ConnectionReleaseMode connectionReleaseMode) throws HibernateException
 public Session openTemporarySession() throws HibernateException
    Get a nontransactional "current" session for Hibernate EntityManager