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public class: ParameterParser [javadoc | source]
The single available method #parse is responsible for parsing a query string and recognizing tokens in relation to parameters (either named, JPA-style, or ordinal) and providing callbacks about such recognitions.
Nested Class Summary:
public static interface  ParameterParser.Recognizer   
Method from org.hibernate.engine.query.ParameterParser Summary:
parse,   startsWithEscapeCallTemplate
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Method from org.hibernate.engine.query.ParameterParser Detail:
 public static  void parse(String sqlString,
    Recognizer recognizer) throws QueryException 
    Performs the actual parsing and tokenizing of the query string making appropriate callbacks to the given recognizer upon recognition of the various tokens.

    Note that currently, this only knows how to deal with a single output parameter (for callable statements). If we later add support for multiple output params, this, obviously, needs to change.

 public static boolean startsWithEscapeCallTemplate(String sqlString)