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public class: QueryMetadata [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Defines metadata regarding a translated HQL or native-SQL query.
 public QueryMetadata(String sourceQuery,
    ParameterMetadata parameterMetadata,
    String[] returnAliases,
    Type[] returnTypes,
    Set querySpaces) 
Method from org.hibernate.engine.query.QueryMetadata Summary:
getParameterMetadata,   getQuerySpaces,   getReturnAliases,   getReturnTypes,   getSourceQuery
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Method from org.hibernate.engine.query.QueryMetadata Detail:
 public ParameterMetadata getParameterMetadata() 
 public Set getQuerySpaces() 
    The set of query spaces affected by this source query.
 public String[] getReturnAliases() 
    Return source query select clause aliases (if any)
 public Type[] getReturnTypes() 
    An array of types describing the returns of the source query.
 public String getSourceQuery() 
    Get the source HQL or native-SQL query.