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org.hibernate.engine.query: Javadoc index of package org.hibernate.engine.query.

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ParameterParser: The single available method parse(java.lang.String, org.hibernate.engine.query.ParameterParser.Recognizer) 55 is responsible for parsing a query string and recognizing tokens in relation to parameters (either named, ejb3-style, or ordinal) and providing callbacks about such recognitions.
NativeSQLQuerySpecification: Defines the specification or blue-print for a native-sql query. Essentially a simple struct containing the information needed to "translate" a native-sql query and cache that translated representation. Also used as the key by which the native-sql query plans are cached.
ParamLocationRecognizer: Implements a parameter parser recognizer specifically for the purpose of journaling parameter locations.
FilterQueryPlan: Extends an HQLQueryPlan to maintain a reference to the collection-role name being filtered.
QueryPlanCache: Acts as a cache for compiled query plans, as well as query-parameter metadata.
ParameterMetadata: Encapsulates metadata about parameters encountered within a query.
QueryMetadata: Defines metadata regarding a translated HQL or native-SQL query.
HQLQueryPlan: Defines a query execution plan for an HQL query (or filter).
NativeSQLQueryPlan: Defines a query execution plan for a native-SQL query.

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