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public class: NestableRuntimeException [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Nestable, Serializable

The base class of all runtime exceptions which can contain other exceptions.
Field Summary
protected  NestableDelegate delegate    The helper instance which contains much of the code which we delegate to. 
Fields inherited from java.lang.RuntimeException:
Fields inherited from java.lang.Exception:
 public NestableRuntimeException() 
 public NestableRuntimeException(String msg) 
    Constructs a new NestableRuntimeException with specified detail message.
    msg - the error message
 public NestableRuntimeException(Throwable cause) 
    Constructs a new NestableRuntimeException with specified nested Throwable.
    cause - the exception or error that caused this exception to be thrown
 public NestableRuntimeException(String msg,
    Throwable cause) 
    Constructs a new NestableRuntimeException with specified detail message and nested Throwable.
    msg - the error message
    cause - the exception or error that caused this exception to be thrown
Method from org.hibernate.exception.NestableRuntimeException Summary:
getCause,   getMessage,   getMessage,   getMessages,   getThrowable,   getThrowableCount,   getThrowables,   indexOfThrowable,   indexOfThrowable,   printPartialStackTrace,   printStackTrace,   printStackTrace,   printStackTrace
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Method from org.hibernate.exception.NestableRuntimeException Detail:
 public Throwable getCause() 
 public String getMessage() 
    Returns the detail message string of this throwable. If it was created with a null message, returns the following: ( cause==null ? null : cause.toString( ).
 public String getMessage(int index) 
 public String[] getMessages() 
 public Throwable getThrowable(int index) 
 public int getThrowableCount() 
 public Throwable[] getThrowables() 
 public int indexOfThrowable(Class type) 
 public int indexOfThrowable(Class type,
    int fromIndex) 
 public final  void printPartialStackTrace(PrintWriter out) 
 public  void printStackTrace() 
 public  void printStackTrace(PrintStream out) 
 public  void printStackTrace(PrintWriter out)