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public interface: Lockable [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    SingleTableEntityPersister, UnionSubclassEntityPersister, AbstractEntityPersister, JoinedSubclassEntityPersister

Contract for things that can be locked via a org.hibernate.dialect.lock.LockingStrategy .

Currently only the root table gets locked, except for the case of HQL and Criteria queries against dialects which do not support either (1) FOR UPDATE OF or (2) support hint locking (in which case *all* queried tables would be locked).

Method from org.hibernate.persister.entity.Lockable Summary:
getRootTableAlias,   getRootTableIdentifierColumnNames,   getRootTableName,   getVersionColumnName
Method from org.hibernate.persister.entity.Lockable Detail:
 public String getRootTableAlias(String drivingAlias)
    Get the SQL alias this persister would use for the root table given the passed driving alias.
 public String[] getRootTableIdentifierColumnNames()
    Get the names of columns on the root table used to persist the identifier.
 public String getRootTableName()
    Locks are always applied to the "root table".
 public String getVersionColumnName()
    For versioned entities, get the name of the column (again, expected on the root table) used to store the version values.