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org.hibernate.test.dynamicentity: Javadoc index of package org.hibernate.test.dynamicentity.

Package Samples:

org.hibernate.test.dynamicentity.tuplizer: Demonstration of different ways to use Hibernate to represent your domain model as a series of JDK dynamic proxies.  


InterceptorDynamicEntityTest: Demonstrates custom interpretation of entity-name through an Interceptor. Here, we are generating dynamic proxies on the fly to represent our entities. Because of this, Hibernate would not be able to determine the appropriate entity mapping to use given one of these proxies (they are named like $Proxy1, or such). Thus, we plug a custom Interceptor into the session to perform this entity-name interpretation.
DataProxyHandler: A simple java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler to act as the handler for our generated java.lang.reflect.Proxy -based entity instances. This is a trivial impl which simply keeps the property values into a Map.
TuplizerDynamicEntityTest: Demonstrates use of Tuplizers to allow the use of JDK dynamic proxies as our domain model. Here we plug a custom Interceptor into the session simply to allow us to not have to explicitly supply the appropriate entity name to the Session calls.
ProxyInterceptor: Our custom org.hibernate.Interceptor impl which performs the interpretation of entity-name -> proxy instance and vice-versa.

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